I enable customer leaders and key account teams to create recurring revenue, relationship growth and retention results they can trust with their most important customers.

7 step guide to becoming the adviser your customer never wants to leave

Deepen your customer relationships, annihilate recurring customer challenges, increase your existing customer revenue and retention results.


Sick of the customer growth relationship tools and strategies in the market not working…
So am I!

I'm Jermaine Edwards. With over ten years in sales and sales leadership at a corporate level, I've also started, failed and grown my own companies to successfully complete 30 customer growth projects across the world.

How I help...


Developed to bring tactical guided actions to drive
Relationship - Revenue - Retention results with your most important customers.


The route for any serious, leader, and organisation to bring the most powerful strategic and tactical customer insights to your office or event to drive customer revenue, relationships and retention results.


Exclusive Director/Leader group that brings together impact-led customer leaders to learn, share and execute the best in class customer growth ideas today.

Application Only.


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