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The danger of being in the middle

The danger of being in the middle

Most companies are in the middle, and for much of career, I was too. I stood out enough to be noticed and provided enough value to be paid. I was chosen by customers, invited to meetings and had great meetings with great customer interactions and built relationships.
It felt like I was first in my customers’ eyes until the signs came...

Loss of big deals from customers I'd worked with for years

Competition marginalised my offer and diminished value to my clients

Loss of key contracts resulted in loss of strategically important customers

Being "in the middle" is a dangerous place and it's the story of thousands of organisations big and small around the world. Organisations who thought they were the number one choice are now under threat of losing relationships they have invested years into.

Since 2014, I've studied the success and failure of more than 30 customer growth projects and strategies across Africa, Europe and the US, evaluated 150 research articles of big companies failing and winning from 8 different industries, including researching the past 50 years of customer service history.

With that insight, my company The IA Group, has helped service-led organisations and key account leaders around the world,
move from being in the middle, to being remarkable.

Are you in the middle? The middle is a dangerous place.

Generating over $250 million in undiscovered customer revenue opportunities.

Increasing the lifetime value of key customers by a 32% average in the
first 12-months.

Helping organisations and leaders
be the advisers their customers
never want to leave.


Good companies should never lose great customers. But the reality of customer relationships today is very different. Long-term customers who were once thought of as untouchable, are now under threat.

As competitive pressure and customer choice increase, the need to create greater distinctions is more important than ever.

You can't pursue new strategies in these new times using old thinking.

We've designed talks and seminars based on the most recent customer research, strategies and principles for growth that work in today's business world.

Discover real, actionable insights with these talks and seminars.

jermaine edwards

I'm Jermaine Edwards. I’m the Dad of amazing kids, a husband to a very understanding wife, a fan of basketball, and someone who has spent almost 80,000 hours obsessing over how businesses win with customers.

With over ten years in sales and sales leadership at a corporate level, I've also started, failed and grown my own companies to successfully complete 30 customer growth projects across the world. My study of 50 years of customer success research has refined the methodologies I use today with customers. These are honed as the most effective approaches to customer relationships and profit growth in the B2B space.

Today's customer-focused organisations and professionals need to embrace a new philosophy. Now it's not just about being trusted, as trust will no longer guarantee you'll keep a customer in the long run. You must be insanely valuable. I call this being "irreplaceable" and becoming "the adviser your customer never wants to leave".

Are you, your customers and service-led organisation ready to become irreplaceable?

Do you want to completely transform your customer relationships?
Are you ready to make the impact so you never have to worry about customer retention in the same way again?

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Hi, I'm Jermaine Edwards and the best way to describe me is as a dad of a tribe of kids, husband to a very understanding wife, basketball fan and someone who has spent almost 80,000 hours obsessing on how businesses win with their customers.

After 10+ years in sales, sale leadership, starting, failing and growing my own companies. 30 customer growth projects later, a study of 50 years of customer success research and the evaluation of some of the most effective approaches to customer relationships and profit result in b2b. I've had first hand experience in seeing how organisations win, lose, win again then again long term with their key customers.

There is a new philosophy being embraced by customer focused organisations and professionals. It's no longer just about being trusted. As being trusted by itself no longer guarantees you'll keep a customer long term. You have to become insanely valuable. I call it being 'irreplaceable' or becoming the adviser your customer never wants to leave.

That's what I want for you, and for those customer and service led organisations who know that improvements aren't enough. They want to completely transform their customer relationships and make an impact so they never have to worry about retention in the same way again.

If you're one of those crazy ones who wants the same then...


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