7 step guide to becoming the adviser your customer never wants to leave

Learn exactly how to deepen your customer relationships, annihilate recurring customer challenges and increase your existing customer revenue and retention results as a key account manager.

Do you really want to be in the same place with your customers six months from now?

No one does!

There is a way to get out of the frustrating stagnant growth loop,
the trap of feeling under the whim of a single key contact and
break free to shape your own path as true leader to your customer.

This guide will ensure you become the adviser your customer
never wants to leave again and again!

Discover how to...

  • Break free of the stagnant growth trap and grow lifetime value.
  • Build relationship connection that gives you level 5 trust.
  • Design value that unlocks new advantage and profitability.
  • Create customer moments that will accelerate and deepen loyalty.
  • And much more...

About Jermaine

I’m Jermaine Edwards, and I've changed my mind on almost everything I see and hear promoted about what it takes to not just survive but thrive in a world of constant change and disruption with our customers. 

Ten years in sales leadership, running multiple companies, 30 growth projects, studying and evaluating the research and cases of markets and customers over the last 50 years...

...I'm more convinced than ever that the current and future leaders must become masters.

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7 Step Guide to Becoming the Adviser your Customer Never Wants to Leave