Hey, I’m Jermaine!
I believe existing customers are the single greatest growth accelerator for any business on the planet. I want to show you how it can be true for you... 

Jermaine loves sales, business and his growing family...
So much so that he spent almost two decades in sales, account management and leading teams  before co-launching his first business in 2013. Then founding multiple companies in manufacturing, events, commercial, technology and consulting. All while leading a family of 6 kids with his beautiful wife Heather.

Jermaine has seen first hand the challenges of building and scaling companies from in and out. Failures and successes. The livelihoods of employees that are carried in every leader's decisions and the power and opportunities that come from a customer centric approach.



Average revenue increase in 12 months


Value returned to our customers since 2016


Average retention number of our client’s

As leading customer growth strategist, advisor, international speaker, and award-winning author.

Jermaine is invited by business leaders and organizations today to bring insights in how to unlock new revenue, profits and partnerships with their existing customers. Working with small business groups and larger organisations like Dell Technologies, London Business School, GE and more. Since 2016, Jermaine's clients have delivered more than quarter billion in value to their customers.

As well as being an industry-leading consultant, Jermaine sits on the boards of multiple companies, and has held roles as programme director for Bayes Business School at the City University, London.

Jermaine’s Mission
Help B2B SME's understand and master customer centric growth strategies so they can reduce the pain and cost of growth, thrive in any market and make a bigger positive impact with their customers.

Head of Revenue Strategy
Devised a customer strategy to support revenue growth across Europe and Asia, leading to a 40% growth in existing customers over 18 months, with increased margins from 15% to 23%.

Bayes Business School
Programme Director 
Assisted in the design and execution of a newly developed executive programme to support 250 new small businesses customers with identified growth challenges

Customer Strategy Advisor (Chairman) 
Helped grow customer membership numbers from 600 to 4,000 members and increased the average value per head by 83%

What you may, or may not know about me...

I don’t believe thinking in Best practice

It might seem a strange belief in my field. Having travelled to now more than 30 countries. Here's what I notice. Customer practices look different every where. The same case study you saw at the conference rarely works every where in the world. Instead I teach best principles which empowers my clients with the thinking tools to win in any climate.

Dad of six

For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to be dad. It has brought purpose and deeper understand of what it means to lead, listen and lean into the hard times, even when you’re tired or irritated. I’ve learned to see passed emotion and mess to notice the truth while helping others move through it.

I have a complaint repellent

Patience is a virtue and it is one that has served me well. When it comes to those who choose not to take responsibility it has a very short lifespan. It’s why I carry complaint repellent. Asking others the hard questions they won't ask themselves, or answer for themselves.

I’m a dancer (well almost)
What does a desperate, broke, proud college kid away from home in Germany do to make money. I pretended to be a dance teacher. No dance experience, no students, no money. A week later I partnered with a studio, had classes, students and wait list. It's where I saw the power of resourcefulness in action.

I’m still nervous being on camera
Sweating, stuttering and forgetting my words. That was my first on camera experience in 2017. You would’ve thought I was on trial or being interrogated, yet it was just a simple video I was asked to shoot from home :). Fast track years I’ve created over 50 hours of video content and I’ve got Marginally better 🙂

I still love superheroes
I don’t know about you but I still get excited when I talk about superheroes. It may be one of the excuses for having so many kids. The act and journey of becoming someone new, better, greater is what I try to live daily and challenge my customers to do the very same for their customers.


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