Meet Jermaine

I'm Jermaine Edwards, and I’m passionate about helping organisations break free from customer misconceptions in the marketplace that kill their chances of achieving market beating customer relationship and revenue results.

Studying 50 years of customer success and 30 successful growth projects later. What I’ve discovered is that many customer leaders are focused on all the wrong areas hoping their customers will always chose them first. 

That was me, at the early part of my leadership and key account management career. Getting the occasional result but frustrated doing what everyone else was, seeking to achieve different results. 

For over 10 years in various sales leadership roles, supporting teams as much as 600 people and running multiple companies. I made the mistakes, learnt the lessons and got the results in order to find the answers.

You don’t have to spend hours creating detailed account plans, spend thousands on the latest CRM technology or use the same best practices you saw at your favourite conference.

If you're...
  • Frustrated because the things you trust to improve your customer results isn’t working...
  • Stuck having to prove your value over and over again...
  • Struggling to grow your existing customers profitably year on year...
  • Worrying about the impact of key contacts leaving...
  • Wondering how you get out of the churn cycle and increase lifetime value...

I want to share my knowledge and proven principles with you that are designed for you to
become the kind of adviser your customer never wants to leave.


Become an industry-leading Key Account Director and create the environment to consistently grow every major customer metric predictably at scale.

Find out more about how we can support you, your teams and your organisations here.

What you may, or may not know about me...

I don’t believe the customer is right

It might seem a strange belief in my field, as I believe they have the right. What’s right is more important than who’s right. That’s hard to accept in our egotistical world. When it comes to our customers we must find a way to determine what’s right or we’ll constantly be at the whim of who.

Dad of six

For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to be dad. It has brought purpose and deeper understand of what it means to lead, listen and lean into the hard times, even when you’re tired or irritated. I’ve learned to see passed emotion and mess to notice the truth while helping others move through it.

I have a complaint repellent

Patience is a virtue and it is one that has served me well. When it comes to those who choose not to take responsibility it has a very short lifespan. It’s why I carry complaint repellent. Asking others the hard questions they won't ask themselves, or answer for themselves.

I'm a dancer (well almost)

What does a desperate, broke, proud college kid away from home in Germany do to make money. Start a dance studio! Yep. I learned to solve problems. No dance experience, no students, no money. A week later I had a studio, classes, teaches, students and wait list.

I'm still nervous being on camera

Sweating, stuttering and forgetting my words. That was my first on camera experience in 2017. You would’ve thought I was on trial or being interrogated, yet it was just a simple video I was asked to shoot from home :). Fast track 3 years I’ve created over 50 hours of video content and I’ve got better.

I still love superheroes

I don’t know about you but I still get excited when I talk about superheroes. It may be one of the excuses for having so many kids. The act and journey of becoming someone new, better, greater is what I try to live daily and challenge my customers to do the very same for their customers.