Customer Advantage Masterclass

ADvantage Masterclass

What are Advantage Masterclasses?

One-day in-person or virtual intensive customer strategy workshops. Designed to help businesses, leaders and their teams to unblock, activate and accelerate growth through and with your existing customers.

Outcomes Focused

We help you identify areas of leverage, remove blocks to progress and uncover new opportunities to bring success to your business, teams and customers. More than 174 documented opportunities have been created.

Operationally Driven

Every concept, strategy and resource for every Advantage Masterclass is set up to help a company execute on the plans created. 84% of companies that invested in a Advantage Masterclass saw a result less than 30 days after. 

No one leaves without a confident plan and a future result!

Sold 1.5 million worth of services after client said no...

I've been in key account management for 12 years, leading teams and managing big accounts. Jermaine's growth playbook approach transformed everything. With a very challenging customer in a difficult market we were able to sell in £1.5 million worth of services when they had previously said no.

Mark Darling
Client Director
Drive growth

Protect and sustain your business in market and economic downturns.

make competition irrelevant

Significantly increase your competitive distinction and reputation

increase profits

Unlock a stream of new revenue & profits to reinvest in the business and impact more customers.

Build confidence

It creates greater internal confidence in the health and longevity of the business.

Whether virtual, Hybrid or In-person results are happening! 

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What results have our clients recieved?


...Louise, an experienced sales director and his team was struggling to close customer deals. They scheduled a growth advantage masterclass and moved their customer opportunity close rate from 40%-80%…


...Thorsten who was the Enablement Director at Dell Technologies. He and his team post Masterclass added more than $1 million in revenue per rep from existing customers when they thought there was little there to grow...


...Richard a business owner of a small financial services firm joined a CX Story masterclass. With his team developed a loyalty/CX strategy for his business that led to doubling their retention rate and securing a six figure client partnership...

What are our Advantage Masterclasses?

Customer Growth Masterclass

The route to growth can be tough and frustrating. Mastering customer growth is more than providing great service. It is the intentional act of understanding how to leverage partnership with your customers for the mutual benefit and growth of yours and your customers future success. Designed for business owners, leadership teams. We demystify customer growth and build strategy through the power of growth principles.

Customer Experience Story Masterclass

Customer Experience is about the outcomes we support for our customers. More importantly, it's about the connection of those outcomes with the three primary expectant stories in the minds of your customers. The story of their relationship with your products, company and values. The CX story Masterclass gives you a pragmatic strategic blueprint to winning the hearts and minds of your customers and driving lifetime value.

Customer Centricity Masterclass

Customer centricity is the glue that binds all work, behaviour, thinking and outcomes between us and our customers. Hidden in plain sight is the ability for us as leaders to accelerate growth and build the value of our companies. In the centricity masterclass we work through the 6 centricity principles that shape the vision and sustained results of every company with its customers. By the end you will have a plan to improve the impact in your organization.

What's included in each Advantage Masterclass?

Full Day Masterclass

Every Masterclass is designed to be an intensive, practical and outcomes focused experience. Everyone engaged and full invested in their results.

Company & Team Assessments

Every Pre Masterclass begins with an assessment. Why? benchmarking helps us all arrive honest and with a clearer view on what needs to be designed for the exact business results you desire.

Strategy Map Planner

The Growth Strategy Planner is where your work lives. This is what you'll record your personal ideas, learnings and shared responsibilities with guided actions.

3 x 90 min post session coaching

The post masterclass execution
accountability and support STOPS
that. I want you to win. Your business
needs you to win. This can’t be

30 Days

results Guaranteed

By the end of this masterclass, you’ll have a solid understanding of the many options to leverage your existing customer base and drive growth for your business. You’ll also have the tools and resources you need to make an impact within days and weeks, not months.

About Jermaine Edwards

A leading customer growth strategist, advisor, international speaker and award-winning author. I’ve spent two decades in sales and leadership working with companies from SMEs to global organizations. Helping small and medium sized businesses unlock new revenue, profits and partnerships with their existing customers. Solving the challenge of growth that is often, painful, slow and costly.

Jermaine Edwards

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