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The Customer Results Strategy Call is designed to accelerate the customer results you are after, quicker and easier than before without being held back by high impact problems in just 90 minutes.

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Mark darling


"I've been in key account management for 12 years, leading teams and managing big accounts. Jermaine's system transformed everything. When working with Jermaine we took a very challenging client in a difficult market and were able to sell in 1.5 million worth of services when they had previously said no."

Jermaine Edwards

Founder of Customer Mastery &

the Irreplaceable Advisory Group

No matter how hard you work, there will always be challenges that get in the way of achieving the customer results you're after.

This isn’t because you aren’t capable. 

Everyday there is an array of challenges that slow down or completely restrict your (and your teams) ability to get bigger and better customer results.

Too often I see key account and commercial leaders overworking to create the consistent and highest rewards they expect to see from their best customers, but it just doesn’t come to fruition.

They are achieving success, just not at the level or in the time they want to. Most of the time these moments of success are unable to turn into repeatable, sustainable and recurring results.

The standard way of approaching these challenges isn’t effective anymore.

To get the results you are after, you cannot play the same customer management game as everyone else. 

You must learn how to activate the right practices to help you design for the results that truly matter.

I believe that everything you have to make an even greater and meaningful difference with your customers doesn’t begin with doing more.

Here’s the reality...

Although not all problems can be solved overnight, most customer problems and results can be solved and achieved far faster than we think.

I’ve created the Customer Results Strategy Call for the individual who wants to identify those high impact problems and create the customer results they desire in less than 90 days.

Book in your call and walk away with more clarity on what is holding you back, with easy to follow actions on how both you and your organisation can move forward.

To not only combat those high impact problems, but also to achieve the customer results they are after in an accelerated timeline without having to spend hours doing so.

On the 90-minute strategy call we will formulate a plan to identify those customer challenges, overcome them and move forward with ease.


What You’ll Do Before the Call

As soon as you click the booking link, you'll be taken to a calendar where you can book in your preferred time. There will be a short questionnaire to complete so that I can make sure this call can be as valuable as possible. This allows me to get to know you and focus our conversation on what is most important to you.

What Happens During the Call

On the 90-minute, value focused call, we'll dive deep into the challenges and goals you have.

We'll explore your customer problems and determine the clear actions needed to move forward. 

At the end for only a few minutes, I'll share with you more about what I do and explore the possibility of how I can support you.

What Changes After the Call

At the end of the call, you will walk away with far greater clarity on your challenges, the results that are possible for you and your customers and specific action steps you can take to move forward.

This is for you if you want to...

  • Create the highest rewards for your best customers consistently that you, your team and your customers are happy with
  • Eliminate customer challenges easily and efficiently
  • Accelerate the timeline of your customer results with ease
  • Spend the majority of your time focused on the activities that will get you the kind of results you expect consistently.

Customer RESULTS Coaching

Customer RESULTS Coaching (CRC) is about the pursuit of understanding and acting on the one or two things that if focused on, or removed, could greatly increase your likelihood of success in achieving an internal and/or external customer result in less than 90 days. 

The coaching is structured into four parts over a 30-45 day period. We call this structure the “SALT” framework. Within each area is an array of tools, strategies and resources to help you identify, eliminate and achieve greater customer results faster.

The Customer Results SALT Framework


We identify the most pressing problem/challenge and get to root cause and symptom elimination.


We review the underused, unidentified and under-leveraged assets, services, solutions to significantly increase client value and results.


We look for momentum to drive a specific customer result.


We focus in on the handful of actions to start, stop, keep and change that will give you a system for continuous improvement and consistent results.

About Jermaine

I'm Jermaine Edwards, and I’m passionate about helping customer leaders break free from customer misconceptions in the marketplace that kill their chances of achieving market beating customer relationship and revenue results. Over the last 5 years I've had the opportunity to come alongside more than 200 customer leaders in coaching.

Most of have had results in the range of millions more in customer revenue, up to 28% increases in life time value and customer retention numbers in the high 90 percents. I've been the leader stuck, despite having had results. I've learn't what blocks leaders, evaluated more than 10 thousands customer interactions, and now I want to help you fast track your success. 

Below is what a few of our customers have experienced through our coaching in less than 45 days of working together...

Bing Wan


“We were truly surprised at what we could do with the research. We packaged this up for our client with the four ideas we discussed and offered additional service worth $20K. Not bad at all!”


Head  of Key Customer Management, PGE

“Jermaine is one of the most supportive people I’ve worked with. I gained great insight and it enabled me to equip our teams to have more confident and business solution-led conversations. This has led to team retaining of some of our major clients amongst very heavy pressures”


Head of Business Development, Cmed

“I was looking for specific help in understanding how to develop a robust and actionable plan for client and relationship development in the medical sector I'm in. The time spent with Jermaine was invaluable. Within a few weeks I was able to sell in brand new project to a stagnant client worth 50K”

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