Increasing the average
value per head by 83%

Gained £1.5million in new services
from additional customers

20K from dormant customer

The Project
To support the client management team to connect with key customer stakeholders, prevent churn and close an opportunity.

The Result
20 new stakeholders and €150k deal.

We had Jermaine come in to support a very specific set of challenges working with customers in the public sector, who were unsure in a very difficult climate and were in process of deciding not to renew our agreement. After the workshop the team made more than 20 new stakeholder connections using Jermaine’s Stakeholder Principles. We even got hold of a very key stakeholder in a high ranking government we were trying to connect with for months to help us close a €150K deal.

The Project
To support partner development managers in growing cloud revenue.

The Result
CSP partner programme with MRR of €5,000.

The tools you gave us have an impact with a customer we were trying to get back. After your training we arranged a customer meeting. Not 10 minutes after the follow-up meeting the customer signed the CSP Partner-Programme with us instead of our competitor and wants to to do a Proof of concept on Azure. It works! You not only inspire people, you make the best out of us 😊  BIG THANKS Jermaine!!

The Project
To provide the consultants with strategic growth guidance.

The Result
Closed £20K customer opportunity.

Most useful talk you gave, highly informative and extremely well presented. That same day we used what you shared and had a customer agree to a £20k deal.”

The Project
To convert customers to spending more in difficult market.

The Result
£1.5 million in new services won.

I’ve been in key account management for 12 years, leading teams and managing big accounts. The IA Group Playbook approach transformed everything. With a very challenging customer in a difficult market we were able to sell in £1.5 million worth of services when they had previously said no.

The Project
To create effective ways to structure how they approached enablement with their top customers.

The Result
Added $1 million in revenue.

...Working with Jermaine immediately brought great expertise and creativity. We were very quickly able to add more than $1 million in revenue even when we thought there was little room to grow...”

Jermaine’s an engaging and inspiring trainer, I would (and have) recommended to others. I feel like we scratched the surface of some of the content areas and hope we can have the change to develop further.

Nick Brown
Global Key Account Director, Mintel

Thanks to Jermaine for a wonderful and interactive piece of thought leadership at this mornings Account Managers Network breakfast event. The team feel absolutely prepared to work better with their customers.

Darren Francis
Director, RTZ

This Jermaine bloke is amazing! His training and talks over the last 2-days have been superb. The whole group got a lot from his insights and strategies.

Dwayne Earl
Business Unit Manager, TechData

I honestly think yours was the best talk I’ve attended this year. You provided clear, practical information with steps on how to implement. Now I need to go over the slides and put all this into practice!

Helene Walters-Steinberg
MD, Authentic Translations


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