Are you ready to annihilate your customer challenges, have sustainable growth and recurring results with your customers faster and easier than ever before?

Thorsten Stiller

Sales Enablement
Director at Dell

“I was looking for more effective ways to structure how we approached enablement with our top customers. Working with Jermaine immediately brought great expertise and creativity. We were very quickly able to add more than $1 million in revenue even when we thought there was little room to grow...”

Imagine if you could accelerate the timeline for your results from 2 and a half years to 12 months or less, AND make it consistent?

The world of customer growth is changing...

Plans, practices and technology people trust to work aren’t getting good enough results anymore. You're...

  • Overworking for results that are taking too long to achieve.
  • Spending hours and hours in meetings with customers that don’t lead to anything tangible.
  • Occasionally seeing success, but you can’t seem to make the results recurring and repeatable.

It's frustrating to work in this way, following “best practices” that aren't working and constantly having to fight to stay an inch ahead of the competition.

It doesn’t have to be this way...

I want you to be able to walk into the boardroom with a clear plan that will generate the results you’re after without having to wait years to see them.

You CAN deepen your relationships, increase your revenue and get the retention results you and your organisation want without adding more time, growing costs and compromising on future returns.

The reality is... that 10-20% growth commonly takes 2 and a half years to achieve. Some of my clients have even seen these results in as short as 90 days!

Whatever customer results you’re experiencing there is a way to significantly improve where you are.

I'm here to help.


Mastery Leaders is my brand new, application only, programme designed to bring together impact-led customer leaders to meet, learn, share and execute the best in class customer growth ideas today.

It’s purpose is not only to teach you the needle-moving strategies to accelerate your customer growth results, but to also enable you to leverage the power of several minds geared towards the same end goal helping you to solve the challenges faced in your business. We will not only do it faster and in a more sustained fashion, but you will also gain new advantages, potential partners and powerful customer results.

The results will happen a lot faster than you think. Not just for your organisation, but also for yourself.

As long as you take action, you can expect to grow a minimum of 3-5% per customer.

That’s not something you’ll see at the end of the programme but a result you can look forward to within 90 days!

Imagine if you could wake up each morning confidently knowing you can create recurring revenue, retention and relationship results with every key customer!

The Mastery Leaders programme is for you if you want to:

  • Eliminate the fear and disruption of the competition
  • Create repeatable customer revenue results
  • Future proof your current and future key relationships
  • Grow your existing customers profitably year on year
  • Never be vulnerable to a key contact leaving
  • Get out of the churn cycle

I want to share my knowledge with you… the proven principles designed to become the kind of adviser your customer never wants to leave.

What's included...

Five monthly virtual group mastery sessions. Designed to set clear goals, learn key customer mastery system strategies and take the journey with others learning and growing customers together.

A dedicated leaders retreat at a beautiful venue with all accommodation included. All you need to do is get there, participate and leave transformed and equipped with even more insight to transform your customer success.

Connect monthly with your leader success community. Share successes, ask questions of customer mastery experts and learn from your peers. Access to Jermaine Edwards and his team through the programme to guide you and provide feedback.

No more second guessing and following "best practices" hoping to get the results both you and your board are after. Expect to see big results in a quick turn around.

Access to unique Mastery Leaders resources, Mastery Digital course and Virtual Group Session recordings - for life! Helping you implement everything you learn first time, up-skill your team and refresh your memory when needed.

If you put the work in but don’t see a 10:1 return on your investment, I will refund you in full! I am so certain (and have the data to back it up) that if you don’t see at least a 10x return on your investment I guarantee a full refund!

What our customers say...

Richard stobart


“Jermaine is an extremely astute and generous person. Spending time with him made me and our organisation better. Within the first few days we had developed a strategy that allowed us to connect with and develop new client opportunities during a very difficult time in covid.”

kimberly donahue

Head of Key Customer Management, PGE

“Jermaine is one of the most supportive people I’ve worked with. I gained great insight and it enabled me to equip our teams to have more confident and business solution-led conversations. This has led to team retaining of some of our major clients amongst very heavy pressures”

mark darling

ex-KAM Director, Omnico

“I've been in key account management for 12 years, leading teams and managing big accounts. Jermaine's system transformed everything. When working with Jermaine we took a very challenging client in a difficult market who we were able to sell in 1.5 million worth of services when they had previously said no.”

Ready to become the adviser your customers never want to leave?

  • Monthly Mastery Training to learn the Key Customer Mastery System
  • Lifetime access to exclusive Mastery Leaders resources
  • Access my flagship course: Mastery Digital for life
  • All expenses paid Strategic Away Day
  • Membership to the Leaders Success Community
  • Hands-on support from Jermaine and his team during the programme
  • New and updated content access
  • And… some interesting surprises coming your way!

If you’d like my support to become the adviser your customer never wants to leave, apply to Mastery Leaders now.

Meet Jermaine

I’m Jermaine Edwards, and I’m passionate about helping organisations break free from customer misconceptions in the marketplace that kill their chances of achieving market beating customer relationship and revenue results.

Studying 50 years of customer success and 30 successful growth projects later. What I’ve discovered is that many customer leaders are focused on all the wrong areas hoping their customers will always choose them first.

I’ve been there…

At the early part of my leadership and key account management career I was getting the occasional result but frustrated doing what everyone else was, seeking to achieve different results.

For over 10 years in various sales leadership roles, supporting teams as much as 600 people and running multiple companies. I made the mistakes, learnt the lessons and got the results in order to find the answers which I have now used in dozens of companies.

Become the adviser your customer never wants to leave!

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