Sometimes you need a leg up to get started or fuel to keep you going. These resources are designed for small business owners, leaders and ambitious reps to win more with your existing customers.

I believe CX above anything else is about providing continually better outcomes for our customers. In order to understand how to improve this, you must know the three stories in the heads of all your customers. This guide shows you what it is.

 My first book. Timeless principles. Based on the study of more than 200 customers and 150 successful key account managers, sales directors and customer success managers from 12 industries. This short book is packed with practical and real world  examples you can apply instantly. check it out today!

Every initiative we develop for our customers will be either strengthened or sabotaged through the lens of Centricity. At the heart of centricity are important organisational disciplines that are driven by leadership. This guide and presentation shows you what they are and how to use it.

Creating a K.U.P.P can tell you whether a specific result is more or less likely to be achieved consistently in your business. Why? Because it focuses on the four tenets of change and adoption.

KNOWN - (Knowledge)
UNDERSTOOD - (Understanding)
PRACTICED - (Application)
PROVEN - (Evidence)

Find out how you can use it to drive organisation wide alignment.

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September 24, 2020