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Your Customer Growth Solutions

CUSTOMER Advantage Builder (CAB)

Do you want to build a truly customer centric organization able to build an advantage your competition envies?

Customer Advantage Builder (CAB) is a systematic guide to operationalizing customer growth and loyalty in your business so you can become the kind of company your customers never want to leave. 

Access the tools, strategies, process and support you need to add 20-40% more in growth every year from your existing customers at scale, while aligning teams, reducing churn, increasing customer loyalty, and growing business value.

If you’re a leader who believes in the value of your customers, refuses to settle for current results and wants to create unmatched value for your customers and business. This programme is for you.

CUSTOMER Growth Talks

Live in-person and virtual talks that inspire positive action to achieve outstanding customer results. To date Jermaine has spoken to leaders in boardrooms of 15, zoom rooms of hundreds and stages of thousands. All with the same purpose in mind.

To give every person or company the ultimate growth ‘advantage’.

The ability to unlock the growth potential with their existing customers and create unshakeable loyalty.

Each high impact talk is designed to engage, inform and inspire greater awareness and action on the REAL possibilities for growth with your existing customers so you can win in any market and build unshakeable loyalty.

CUSTOMER Growth Masterclass

One of the biggest obstacles to business growth is not knowing how to retain, reactivate and accelerate growth with your customers consistently.

Vast majority of business owners experience slow, painful costly growth, heavy pressure on new client acquisition, need to raise capital and or cut costs. 

The businesses and professionals that know and understand ‘Customer Growth Principles’ see higher converted deals, higher referrals, higher net flow of new opportunities and greater customer engagement.

This 1-day hands on virtual masterclass is for the business owner, leader or high performer who wants to know the principles and strategies used by dominant, high growth, customer centric companies to retain, reactivate and accelerate growth with any set of customers.

€22 million in new business revenue from key customers

$9 million saved in lost renewal fees

Increase MRR by £200K

Retained 100% of major client business
in a pressured market

40% growth of existing customers and increased margins from 15%-23%

50% increase in closing existing customer deals

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