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customers since 2016


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Your customers SHOULD be your number 1 strategic growth advantage…

But for most organisations that isn’t translating into new competitive capabilities, market recognition or showing up as revenue and profit growth each year.

Everyone is working hard but consistent and repeatable results are few and far between.
Without an effective operating system you can trust to deliver repeatable customer growth results, you will have a restrained business.
Building your Customer Advantage will enable your business and customers to redefine what is possible to achieve together every year.


Become the kind of company your customers never want to leave.

Learn how to build your “advantage system” to activate continual revenue and loyalty growth with more than 50% of your customers every year.

Every business works hard with and for its customers. The tragedy is most businesses rarely see the true returns from that effort and will struggle to grow a greater percentage of those customers and keep them long-term.

This is because most businesses have no customer operating system that guides the practices for consistent, repeatable and predictable results. This is why CAB exists.

CAB is the system to build an undeniably valuable business where your customers want to pay you and refer you more every year.

Live and virtual talks that inspire positive action to achieve outstanding customer results.

Jermaine delivers engaging, high-value presentations, either live or virtually, filled with some of the best strategic and tactical customer growth insights. He provides an experience that is not only entertaining but leaves a lasting impact on the individual AND their customers.

As a leading customer growth expert, Jermaine is one of the most sought-after speakers in this field. His passionate and practical approach enables him to speak to a variety of audiences from SMEs to senior leaders of mega-corporations such as Dell.

He is also a featured speaker at some of the top business schools in London, and been a Programme Director at Bayes Business School, City University, London.

Double your business growth without adding a single new customer

For the last seven years under my company The Irreplaceable Advisory Group, I’ve worked with a select few businesses, their owners and senior leadership as a strategic adviser/fractional leader helping them operationalise customer revenue growth, create new business capabilities, and build systems to retain and grow customer loyalty.

This isn't for every business, but it might be a great fit for your company if you currently rely heavily on new business for most of your accelerated growth and want to rebalance this, or there’s no one individual focused uniquely on customer revenue strategy, experience and operations or have an uncomfortable reliance on a handful of customers to renew every year.

€22 million in new business revenue from key customers

$9 million saved in lost renewal fees

Increase MRR by £200K

Retained 100% of major client business
in a pressured market

40% growth of existing customers and increased margins from 15%-23%

50% increase in closing existing customer deals

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