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Your Customer Growth Solutions

CUSTOMER Advantage Builder Programme (CAB)

CAB is a ground breaking program, designed to guide B2b businesses in the step by step operationalization of all customer activities in their business.

Over a third of the measures for increasing value and profitability in your business relates to effective customer management. Businesses that prioritize this see exponential growth. But, your true competitive advantage lies in developing the right systems to unlock predictable success with your customers.

CAB ensures you have a sustainable system that fuels your continued success and growth. Be the first to know and be the first to grow. Launching 2024

CUSTOMER Advantage Coaching 

A powerful virtual coaching programme designed for businesses with ambitious and growth minded account management and customer teams. Unlock new thinking, break recurring frustrations and challenges, produce greater results with your existing customers.

 It is not about giving all the answers but focusing on high impact decisions that lead to better actions and more consistent results.

Whether you're seeking to drive revenue, increase profits, engagement, retention, or simply build better relationships, this coaching programme brings the latest thinking to support results for today and 12 months from now. 

CUSTOMER Advantage Masterclass

In person and virtual ½ day strategic masterclass designed for small business owners and executive teams to quickly understand the bigger strategic opportunities with your customers that will transform your business and growth results. identify the most profitable actions and create a plan your whole business will be motivate and prepared to do.

This is not about a single customer, nor a segment of customers. It is about moving the maximum number of customers into a new brand relationship with your business.
Whether you're seeking to drive revenue, increase profits, engagement, retention or simply build confidence in your strategy, this masterclass is designed to equip you with actionable steps.

€22 million in new business revenue from key customers

$9 million saved in lost renewal fees

Increase MRR by £200K

Retained 100% of major client business
in a pressured market

40% growth of existing customers and increased margins from 15%-23%

50% increase in closing existing customer deals

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