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Strategic Advisory Services

Attention small business owners and senior leadership

Do you want someone sitting in your leadership team meetings or board with the knowledge to
double the growth of your business even if you didn’t add a single new customer this quarter?

Sounds crazy but it’s happening.

For the last seven years under my company The Irreplaceable Advisory Group I’ve personally worked with a select few small and large businesses, their owners and senior leadership as a strategic adviser and fractional leader to help them operationalise customer revenue growth, create new business capabilities to win in their market and help build new systems to retain and grow customer loyalty.

Opposite are three examples...

ABB – Head of Revenue Strategy, Engineering Sector

  • Supported revenue growth and advised on customer strategy to a division of 400 across Europe and Asia
  • 40% growth of existing customers (90 million in revenue) in 18 months and increased margins of 15%.

BIILM – Customer Strategy Advisor (Chairman), Leadership Solutions

  • Help grow customer membership numbers from 600 to 4,000
  • Increased the average value per head from £150 to £275 (83% increase)

Informa Zephyr – Investor Experience Consultant, Financial Services

  • Advised in the successful retention of 200 Financial Advisors on their intelligence platform
  • Advised in the rebuilding of their sales division and design of a new selling system to close 50% more of their existing customer deals

Now I’m opening up my advisory approach to a select few companies who are looking to achieve something big over a 2-3 year period. Access world-class tools and models that have brought immediate value to owners and leaders globally.

This isn't for every business. This might be a great fit for your company if you currently…

  • Rely heavily on new business for most of your accelerated growth and want to rebalance this
  • There’s no one individual focussed uniquely on customer revenue strategy, experience and operations
  • Are growing fast but no proven system for growing more customers year on year
  • Have an uncomfortable reliance on a handful of customers to renew every year
  • Find your customers paying less and not more with you each year
  • See low or high retention rate but the average value per customer is going down (Low LTV)
  • Feel under pressure to compete on price, incentives and programmes to retain business

My objective is to eliminate these challenges and give you a path to being the kind of company your customers never want to leave.

You don't have to use a traditional route of putting someone on the payroll when you can triple your return and eliminate your capital costs through a fractional role.

Your customers are your number one growth advantage.

If you’d like someone to truly help you make this a reality, book an advisory fit call.

Who we’ve worked with...

€22 million in new business revenue
from key customers

$9 million saved in lost renewal fees

Increase MRR by £200K

Retained 100% of major client business
in a pressured market