Engaging and strategic talks that educate, motivate and inspire positive action
to achieve outstanding results with every key customer.


As a leading customer growth expert, Jermaine is one of the most sought-after speakers in this field. 

His passionate and practical approach has helped him speak to
a variety of audiences from SME’s to top level leaders of mega corporations such as Dell. 

He is also a featured speaker at some of the top business schools in London, even becoming a course director with CASS Business School.

Whether you are…

  • An event manager looking for a speaker that will leave your attendees raving about the event for weeks on end.
  • A leader who wants to share with their team exact strategies that will achieve outstanding customer results long term and predictably at scale
  • An organisation looking to educate, motivate and inspire positive action to drive customer revenue, relationships and retention results...

Jermaine delivers engaging, high value presentations filled with some of the best strategic and tactical customer growth insights. He provides an experience that is not only entertaining but leaves a lasting impact with the individual AND their customers.


Everything that Jermaine does is results driven. 

He knows that the journey doesn’t end once the presentation is over, it starts.

That’s why after a talk, there is ongoing support to leverage the positive actions of the concepts learned and turn them into immediate results.

Here are the customer success bonuses included with the talks:

Action plan templates: Every participant you will get access to a tailored RESULTS plan designed to help them take action on the key strategies and ideas covered.

Mastery Digital tools: They will also get access to a repository of digital tools, audio and video for 90 days so you don’t have to think about creating anything new to support activating the ideas and strategies successfully long term. 

Virtual Q&A masterclass: 30 days after every talk we encourage a follow up live Q&A which allows Jermaine to troubleshoot challenges, provide tailored advice to remove blocks and accelerate results.

“Knowledge isn’t power, until

it’s applied” 

~ Dale Carnegie


JERMAINE EDWARDS is a multi-business owner, author, speaker and consultant. With over 10 years of customer success experience managing teams and departments as large as 400, Jermaine is a leader in the industry. Having been invited by companies around the world such as Gartner, Dell Technologies, London Business School and GE to create unique customer growth and loyalty strategies which make them irreplaceable in their market. 

To date, Jermaine has developed strategies that have helped his clients uncover more than $250 million in new and undiscovered revenue from customers.

While still consulting with some of the worlds top companies, he also sits as chairman on the board of one the fastest growing leadership development company in Nigeria, is Silicon Valley Bank scale up advisor  and is a SME Course Director with CASS (City University) Business School.

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